Councilman “Rarlv need a pavement 30 base broad for the whole about three stops, nevertheless the council decided since the a lot more than mentioned

Councilman “Rarlv need a pavement 30 base broad for the whole about three stops, nevertheless the council decided since the a lot more than mentioned

Property owners are permitted 30 days where to remonstrate, once they therefore notice. The topic of brand new Park bonds that have been chosen to aid the latest Panel out-of Forty during the beginning manufacturing vegetation, is made new special order to possess a meeting Saturday-night. John Wagner out-of Kansas City, recorded an offer to get the latest ties on par having accumulated focus. Councilman Dailey wanted the created thoughts of your area attorneys once the into legality of bonds .

Remain true having Nebraska

Gran Orr told you this new securities was basically legal; that there try no a couple of sides into the matter hence the new legal voters out-of Atchison realized what they was regarding the when it trained the latest council to make new $45,000 dilemma of the newest park bonds out to the new Panel of 40. The guy failed to, not, have confidence in flipping along side whole number during the you to definitely Given that Residents See it. Kansas is while making herself ridiculous because of the report that Governor Hoch tried to kiss brand new spouse of ex-Governor Stanley. Perhaps the story feel not the case otherwise correct, the latest Kansans get the new laughing-stock of the almost every other states; although it was, probably, not the real best thing to do, the guy likely did not to visit an elevated crime than simply have ninety-nine out of every 100 dudes! who happen to be increasing that it hullabaloo. If the nothing however, individuals who renders affidavit you to their lifestyle is free fromi such “sin” hurl pieces of brick, next we will wager all of our past summer’s kimoha that there manage end up being precious absolutely nothing stone slinging .

Doing the initial out of Can get, 28 counties got chose delegates, from which 297 were getting Cummins and you may 105 having Perkins

Mrs. Stanley is yet another of them stupid women that attract notoriety or she A create haven’t informed with the governor, however, will have slapped him and you can overlook it at this. Perhaps her husband desires getting an applicant for another election and you can she thinks this might “let a little.” When the Nebraska’s governor has previously given a woman good “Methodist hug” the ladies from Nebraska was wise sufficient to not ever share with to your nim; for that reason all of our governor has no scandal available. Ohio is get rid of the Stanley woman of government and “for-get it.” There’s absolutely no surer answer to disgrace your self rather than shot to disgrace, another .

Nebraska Granger. Joe Miller, a legal house ha- luaic iamiuar iu bien au aicuisuh anty, is becoming an enthusiastic Atchison the scale is de- feated therefore is actually. However, thus good ‘s the your hands on Cummins into the some one which he currently have three ballots to Perkins you to definitely. An additional day seven more counties will get decided, therefore the Cummins record are certain to get run-up so you’re able to 425 or past, and Perkins can get lower than 150 .

The big 10th area (Senator Dolliver’s old section) indorses Cummins, while the 4th dis trict is good getting your. This new scorching strive one Blythe, Lafe Young while others is adding to have Perkins helps make the tournament lively. Cummins is actually conductor of his own campaign, additionally the resistance can’t fits him the fresh stump. The official discussion could well be held August step one. “In 2 weeks way more, i think,” said Snyder, ‘Cummins can get enough delegates so you’re able to nominate him.” The latest broke S .

An excellent. Moore stock regarding sneakers, fittings while the book away from storeroom was indeed sold Tuesday from the W. P. Waggener, individual. have been bidders of Detroit, Kansas Urban area and you will St .

The fresh new stock and you can fixtures have been invoiced from the $8,260, H. Katz, regarding Ohio Area, Kansas, try the newest customer on $six,565. Age. C. Post broker into the Burns estate and therefore possesses the building, provided observe that brand find out here now new lease was actually forfeited by the non-fee off book, and you will informed bidders against purchasing it .

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